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When we first started working with the University of Chichester, they were only able to report back on very top-level metrics from Google Analytics (GA), which meant that it was impossible for them to make data driven decisions.

We worked closely with the University to implement event effective tracking across their GA, which now allows them to view the number of prospectuses downloaded, and the number of students booking onto open days. We then worked together to implement goals, based on key actions surrounding recruitment, such as the number of enquiries submitted by prospective students.

Once goal completions were being attributed correctly, we were able to get a clear picture on which channels were delivering registrations and open day bookings, with the best ROI. With this new visibility of results, the team at Chichester have been able to make data led decisions on marketing spend – which helped increase Open Day attendance by 20% in Autumn 2019 (YoY).

Kirsty Cleak, Digital Marketing Manager, University of Chichester

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Ella Grimwade06 October 2019