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We are pleased to confirm our much anticipated fourth, and most in-depth international  Crossroads IV survey Core Member webinar, which will delve into the motivations and perceptions of international applicants and offer holders.

This fourth iteration of our Crossroads research will share new insights on how students are weighing factors like vaccines, healthcare, scholarships, and acceptance to elite institutions, into their decision to study in destinations.

The research also builds on the themes of previous Crossroads releases, using new data to update our knowledge on students’ likelihood of commencing studies as planned, views on online delivery, willingness to quarantine and perceptions of destination countries.

6,000 students, applicants and offer holders from 57 countries responded to the Crossroads IV survey, delivering a deep understanding of the differences in perception between students from around the world and how to tailor communications accordingly.

IDP Connect Core Members will be given exclusive access to content not published within our external report, including a deep dive into research from our in-house experts. 

Lead by Jonah Duffin, Director of External Relations, and Elle Butler, Head of Marketing for North America (IDP Connect), the webinar will reveal content exclusive to Core Members including exploring current student experiences in the pandemic and details of the differing attitudes towards studying abroad seen across various source countries. 

The webinar will also unpack exclusive insight into what the long-term impact of COVID-19 will be on student demand, alongside other key predictions revealed in our research. Participants will learn how international student priorities are shifting, both now and in the long term, providing important indications of how the international higher education landscape will look in the future.

Core Members will receive their webinar invitation by email and can reach out to their IDP Connect contact for more information.

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