UK Insights

For institutions seeking insight into prospective student demand & HE performance

Our market knowledge and experience let us see your bigger picture, bringing you accurate data sets and analysis in real time. With a fully transparent partnership in place, you’ll have access to all the information and expertise you need to turn actionable insights into tangible outcomes.

Over the past three years we have logged over 12 million monthly page views, tracked 200 separate metrics and crunched over 2 billion individual pieces of data. While this data helps shape and develop our own student-facing products, it also allows our university partners to understand prospective student demand.


Our newly-launched My IDP Connect dashboard gives you exclusive access to key trends and statistics relevant to your institution. Sections include:

Insights 1.0

Our UK Insights tool is divided into UK HE Demand & UK HE Performance.

UK HE Demand: this section of your dashboard can be used to determine where demand is coming from, which courses are being researched, which research methods are being used, status on widening participation, what student profiles look like and who your main competitors are.

Institutions are able to:

  • Understand the real-time impact that current affairs and policy decisions have in a rapidly changing market.
  • Identify areas of opportunity by monitoring demand for competing institutions.
  • Make agile, data-led decisions on portfolio planning, marketing and digital activity.

UK HE Performance: our UK HE Performance tool allows your institution to access three key interactive league tables: Whatuni Student Choice Awards (WUSCA), NSS (over last six years), and Complete University Guide (CUG). These collectively cover a broad selection of metrics that enable universities to identify positive and negative trends within their own institution and even those of their competitors. Research consistently shows that league tables play a key role in prospective student choices – this makes it vitally important for universities to identify strengths and weaknesses related to metrics and to improve their own rankings.

Benefits include:

  • Planning departments can use the WUSCA league tables (covering five years of student satisfaction across a number of categories) to compare their institution’s performance to that of their competitors.
  • The CUG institution-and-subject league tables facilitate a granular analysis of ranking trends in a more academic arena. This tool allows you to assess each metric contributing to your institution’s overall ranking, guiding you in developing your portfolio and recruitment strategy.

Sector Data

This section gives you easy access to key statistics and trends that are publicly available on national data-focused websites such as HESA. Our tool serves to simplify this data and make it as relevant to you as possible, revealing trends such as the number of students from different countries enrolled at your institution.

Insights reports

This section gives you access to a selection of in-depth student-focused reports and case studies.

UK provider statistics

This free, user-friendly resource allows your institutions to monitor how users are engaging with your featured content, profiles and campaigns. Trackable metrics (linked to your institution) include web clicks, emails, course views, content views and profile views.

Using insights to create bespoke research projects

We’ve worked in partnership with universities and higher education providers to help inform the education sector on the state of the market. 

If you’d like to find out more about this service, please get in touch with our client partnership team:

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What the sector says

Clare Frank

Campaign Manager University of Exeter

“There are a number of colleagues across the organisation, who now have access to the domestic and international insights tools, which will be very helpful in terms of their market research activity and providing evidence of engagement with the university in home and international markets. This will be an invaluable tool to help us plan our future domestic and international student recruitment and marketing campaigns.”

Jonathan Pritchard

Head of International University of Chester

“This tool will provide us with real time market intelligence on future students, which is non-existent in the sector.”